Q:Do you also conduct physical Classes for CPA and ATD.

A: No. We conduct only online classes for CPA and ATD in Uganda and South Sudan

Q: Do you conduct courses for all papers in CPA,

A: Yes, we strive to do for all papers, except , Economic environment, Business Management and Information System, Business policy where we provide reading materials and assignments.

Q:How do I know the Schedules for Live Lectures

A: You Access the Time Table from our Website or through uvc app

Q:What happens when the Internet goes off when I’m attending a Live Lecture.

Q: Is it possible to attend live lectures from a smartphone

A: Yes, You can, if you don’t get good view, you tilt your phone to a landscape mode.

A: You can access the same recorded lecture at no extra cost

Q: Can I download recorded lecture and access it offline.

A:No. At the moment, You are allowed to view it online only.

Q: How much data Bundles do I use for a Live Session

A: You can use 300MB(Ugx 1000) for a 3 Hour lecture.